VIZSENSE & Hardware made for each other!

Anything releated to Visitors Management system can be integrated with the VIZSENSE system. The system is capable of both organic and inorganic integrations.

Enrollment Tablet Self Registation Kiosks Touch Panels

VIZSENSE Enrollment Tablet

New visitor registration in VIZSENSE

First time coming visitors shall have to go through a visitors registation process. It can be single or multiple units placed at the entrance of the area. VIZSENSE supports two versions of Customer Entry Display Unit.

android based


iOS based

android version of the enrollment tablet is most commonly used. iOS version is used in high end areas.

The highly customised tablet system can be configured using multiple options. The layout & forms can also be customised from a centalised dashboard.

VIZSENSE Self Registration Kiosk

Visitor registration at VIZSENSE Kiosks

Similar to visitor enrollment tablets, Self registation Kiosks can be used for visitors entry or reigstation process. It can be single or multiple units placed at the entrace of the business

It is a fully customised unit and usually comes with a touch screen enclosed in a metallic kiosks. It can also have multiple hardware options.

Badge printer


Signature pad


ID Scanners


Biometric Scanners

VIZSENSE Touch Panels

Vandal proof touch screen panels

Vandal proof touch screen panels are similar to enrollment tablets but with bigger screen sizes. The minimum size for the touch screen is 19 inches.

Wall mounted panels


Table top panels


Floor mounted panels