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how covid19 changes visitors tracking how does VIZSENSE help to counter covid19

How does COVID19 Coronavirus changes how we deal with our visitors?

It was never this important to identify and track our visitors. We just don't know who is coming and where all he has been. Our motto should be to follow the following 4 points with respect to all of our visitors.

"There is no other option" - this is not an overstatement. It is need of the hour.

track every

track every

track every

track every

We've a system to manage visitor information. We should be safe then?

Absolutely NO!

How to protect your self and other from spreading of COVID 19, as per advice for public from WHO

VIZSENSE Response:

How VIZSENSE helps to minimize the contact and provides contactless visitors registration

Since VIZSENSE is cloud based, it brings a lot of features which are not possible using traditional system. VIZSENSE has plenty of features in various of its plans which can help in tracking of the visitors in offices, school, colleges, universities, residential apartments, factories, manufacturing places or any other space which should not be directly available to public.

So how can VIZSENSE visitors management system to minimize the spread of covid19 - coronavirus.

Appointments module

VIZSENSE supports an internal and external appointments module. An employee can pre-register an appointments for a guest internally and the guest can also request an appointments externally. This ensures that the details of the visitor are already there in the system and so no time is wasted at the front office for data entry processes.

All details recorded including questionnaires

The system is capable of storing all the relevant information in a centalised repository. Not only that the system is also able to create certain questionnaires so that userful information may be captured from the visitors before they enter the complex.

The basic question in the questionnaires can be as simple as "Have you travelled ourside the country recently?" or "Do you have any symptoms related to covid19?"

This can be helpful information for any sort of prevention activity or compliance activities.

Pre authorized entries

Proper usage of the system ensures that most of the visitors are pre authorized either through internal or external appointment requests. This not only saves the time at the front office but also ensures that the front-offices doesn't need to contact the employee for any sort of authorization.

Compliance in case of emergencies

In case of any untoward incident, VIZSENSE provides validated data for a detailed analysis about the demography details of the visitors. VIZSENSE also provides suitable ways to alert visitors in case of any emergencies.

That is not all. There are multiple other reasons how VIZSENSE is ideal for Visitors Management System for schools, colleges, universities, residential apartments, manufacturing facilities etc for tracking visitors. Check our the complete list of features of VIZSENSE to understand how it can add value to your campus. The system also can be customized as per your requirement.

So contact us today to get more information about the product and an assisted demo.