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why visitors tracking how does VIZSENSE help

Why do residential apartments and societies need Visitors Management System?

In the current context it is very important to know the visitors coming to residential apartments and societies. Security is a prime concern and so it is very useful if we know who visited the premises at what time. Usually the security staff at the entry gate asks visitors to fill details in a paper register. But there are a lot of problems with that system. Using the usual paper registers the entity has got almost no information.

Paper register is illegible

Paper registers are filled manually by various people and so it is illegible at times.

No alerts

Since the system is manual there is no way to generate an alert to intimate the owner that a visitor has arrived.

No digital data or data authenticity

Since the system is manual, so there is no digital data available. Also since information is entered into a paper register, there is now way to check its authenticity.

No or low reporting

Because the data is not digitalised, so there is either no or very low reporting possible.

VIZSENSE: Visitors Management for residential apartments and societies

VIZSENSE is a cloud based, multi gate Visitors Management System which helps residential apartments and socieities to know their visitors better. It also help to track the movement of the support staff and courier delivery / pickup folks. VIZSENSE has plenty of features in various of its plans which can help in tracking of the visitors in residential apartments and socieities

Validate the visitor

When the visitor writes his information on the paper registers there is now way to validate it. VIZSENSE provides OTP validation so that the visitor can be validated to be true.

Digital data on cloud

VIZSENSE stores all the information in a digital form on cloud. This ensures that the data is available in real time from anywhere.

Track support staff

Using VIZSENE, residential apartments and societies can track the movement of the support staff like maids, cooks etc. The same feature can also be used to track utilities & service providers.

Track courier delivery / pickup

Usually there are a lot of delivery / pickup folks visisting a society or a residential complex. VIZSESE helps to keep track of all of them.

Compliance in case of emergencies

In case of any untoward incident, VIZSENSE provides validated data for a detailed analysis about the demography details of the visitors.

Track overstaying visitors

VIZSENSE provides listing of overstaying visitors, who may be just roaming aroung in the complex.

External vehicles listing

VIZSENSE will provide a list of all the vehicles which have not moved out of the complex on that day. Also if an external vehicle is parked at a reserved parking area, VIZSENSE can be used to find its details.

Alerts & intimations

The system ensures that the host is intimated through email / sms about the visitor as soon as his / her entry is made into the system at the gate.