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VIZSENSE is best of class. Its best feature is the Ease of Use. Boasting of centalised dashboard and enterprise level customizations, VIZSENSE is ideally placed to be the best option for your front office. Features like self registation and kiosk registrations help in a long way to unburden your front office from mundane tasks.

VIZSENSE is ideal for big corporates or small offices. It is ideal for societies and apartments. VIZSENSE can integrate with multiple hardware items and can provide multiple configuration options.

Different notification options help to keep the visitors & employees informed and in sync. Also appointment module help in pre approvals and time savings. There are multiple other things like extensive reporting and different add ons.

Identity Management

VIZSENSE captures, manages and securly stores the identity of your visitors.

Data Capture

VIZSENSE has modules to capture the data of different visitor types like guests, delivery agents, support staff etc.

Visitors log book

Secure visitors log for each branch is maintained on the cloud which can be accessed from anywhere using secure credentials.

Visitor demography

Capture visitors demography including photographs, identity, biometrics (optional), signatures (optional) etc.

Data storage

Since VIZSENSE stores all the data of the visitors, so the subsequent visits are based on single identity methods.

Hardware Integrations

Anything releated to Visitors Management system can be integrated with the VIZSENSE system. The system is capable of both organic and inorganic integrations.

VIZSENSE enrollment client can work in both iOS and android ecosystem and VIZSENSE can provide tablets in both the ranges.

Visitor Enrollment Tablets

Touch based self registration kiosks with inbuilt hardware components like printer, scanner, biometric & connected to VIZSENSE backend.

Self Enrollment Kiosks

Android, iOS or windows based panels which can be floor / wall / table mounted for self registration or assisted registration.

Touch Panels

Visitor passes and badges need to be printed for smooth access using integrated Badge printers.

Badge Printers

Identification card scanners can be handy for easier & faster data population.

Card Scanners

VIZSENSE supports integration with various biometric and auto identification devices.



Visitors & employees can both be notified of various processes in VIZSENSE using host of notification methodologies.


Text messages

Good old sms is ideal for sending notifications to various stake holders.


Real time system

VIZSENSE in app notifications for both visitors & employees.


Whats app

VIZSENSE supports Whatsapp notifications for alerts and visitors pass.


Email alerts

The system has an option to send alerts through emails for all the activities happening in VIZSENSE.

Appointments Module

VIZSENSE supports appointments in a two way fashion

Appointments initiated by Internal Employees

VIZSENSE supports an internal appointment request generated by the employee using a secure login.

Once the request is generated for a specific request it is stored in dashboard and visible to the front office for easy & pre authorised access.

Appointments initiated by the Visitor

A visitor may also initiate an appointment through an authorised page and request an appointment with a particular employee.

Visitors appointment goes to employee for approval before it is stored in the dashboard and visible to the front office for easy & pre authorised access.

Enhanced Reporting Modules

Get real time reports anytime & anywhere through a comprehensive reporting module.

Detailed Reporting

Get to know who was within your premises and for how much time, daily, weekly, monthly

Overstaying Visitors

Get a list of all the visitors who were within the premises and overstayed their expected time.

Evaculation List

In case of an emergency, VIZSENSE can tell you who all are within the premises so that appropriate safety actions can be taken.

Visitors Grey Listing

In case you think certain people are taking advantage of your open policies and disturbing your premises, you can deny them access.

Visitors Profiling

Which sort of visitors are coming to your premises and with what accessories often. Who brought what accessory?

Special Reporting

Get to know what brought visitors to your premises sorted by courier agency, ecommerce entity, interviews etc.

Additional Features

Apart from the basic main features of the VIZSENSE, it also supports certain enhanced features.

If there is a requirement of signing and agreeing to certain terms and NDA documents, VIZSENSE can facilitate the same.

NDA Signing

It is possible to manage multiple locations in VIZSENSE from a centralised location and get all the reporting.

Multiple location

It is possible to manage multiple locations in VIZSENSE from a centralised location and get all the reporting.

Forms Customisations